You could see in the counterparties we offer, there is the traditional thank you, a magnet badge, a personalized postcard, a less traditional bag in coffee pocket, a horizon mascot and an original calendar. But there is a counterpart that seems strange, around us many asked us, what was an ephemeris.

When we thought about the rewards, we wanted to have things that fit into the project. We thought about t-shirts or other goodies that would require a third party producer to make them, then we thought we had things in the truck and it could be objects that remind the trip. Finally we thought that maybe it was not the right thing or suitable for everyone, but then what do we want to do? What is the project we are doing? Having made the leap to launch a crowdfunding campaign enabled us to define Horizon Transition, how we wanted to do it, the objectives and what we would like to achieve.

So Horizon Transition is for us a collaborative project, learning, popular education eventually. We want to be able to transmit what we have learned, to allow the knowledge of each one, at the local level, to be transmitted to the next so that a little bit of individuality can be done more collectively.

The idea of ephemeris

ephemeride transition
April 5, Do you know there is more than 5 000 local currencies in the world? The first one was …

How can we help to make known the different transitions we see or do in the world other than through our articles and videos? The ephemeris! An ephemeris is a universal calendar that contains one thought per day of the year. On the wall of grandparents, you know, the wooden thing with the days of the week, numbers and months that we turn manually, well, almost!

We did some research and we saw that it did not exist, so we will create an ephemeris on the transition! For each day of the year we will list different alternatives, ways of doing things, quotes, people to know around the theme of transition and resilience. Whether to feed the knowledge, but also the argument, the ephemeris will learn a little every day and perhaps to be inspired!

It is a big job that awaits us, but it is a fabrication that challenges us and interests us. Its dual function, in addition to thank you, it will allow us to list our knowledge. We already imagine seeing it as a full-fledged project in Horizon Transition!

Horizon’s friends

If you have not already seen it on Facebook, here is Horizon’s friends collection for the counterpart featuring the mates of our two mascots, Horizon and Hope.

And of course, the good reasons to help us! 😉

Help us to reach our goal, share or particpate the campain! Thanks!

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