During my participation at the convergence of Permaculture in 2014 in Freylisburgh village in Estrie, I had listened an interesting strong conference on the genesis of earthships presented by the founder of Solution Era.

In his introduction, he presented us a distribution of time in a day to invite us to think about the use of our time. This short presentation inspired me and gave me an other approach of our time when I shall like presenting you below :

Generally, we often hear about the division from time to 3 times: rest, work and Leisure. Now, I suggest you thinking again this time in four verbs of action which can fell like an art of living based on the 4 times during the day:


1. To work (create)
2. To study
3. To revitalize
4. To rest



In this dimension, we don’t speak about the act to work but the act to work (create) in our lives. Let us remind that the word work in french has a rather negative connotation by its Latin tripalium root which was an instrument of torture. It is reminiscent that frequently we hear about outside pressure, stress at the work, exhaustion , who can lead to professional burn out. Always be more successful, answer at the request of the employers, enlist in the capitalism. The work can be source of ill-being.

Now, envisage this action by the word work (create), more positive term which let a big place to the creativity in our life. We are architects, artists of our life. To work Create) gives us the power and responsibilities in our daily acts. It also is to involve with more respectful way our person in the community where we live. Break these chains of the word work (tripalium) can allow to conceive every professional activity as a lifestyle, a work to be daily embellished. The work is source of well-being.

In quoted to work, It has to study there

Being able to be an integral part, half or not of your professional activity, study returns us to the act to learn, to look for, to criticize. It can take various forms: studies, trainings, autotraining, readings of books, newspapers, articles media….
The reading of newspaper articles, the listening of radio programs, the viewing of documentaries and gestured conferences made my learning of a knowledge. Important to choose well its information sources and to know how to also criticize them.

The third time takes place under the act to revitalize

it is also important to know what revitalize us in the life to approach well these 4 cycles of the day. Some are going to revitalize by walking, others by running, by riding a bike, by dancing, by reading, by writing, by meditating … .Many actions but individual to every person. Let you to define which actions vitalize you on your daily life.

For my part, at the moment, I often play the accordion to revitalize and take some pleasure to play melodies learnt for more than a year. However, I take a time also to play the accordion in the study part, as I learn a new song, or when I practise the scales.Sometimes also, this mix between study and revitalization allows me to  approach the work (create) with the accordion by playing in public in the street, for a show or to improvise.

Finally, after a day between times of work, study and vitalization, comes the time of the rest for the body and the spirit, layed down well and comfortably for a night of 6 hours.

Are you interested to realize this new exercise of division of another time? Enjoy to think of your daily activities and realize in which time they suit best in the present moment. Will see each other can be as me, another way of approaching the activities with a new pair of eyes!

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  1. Merci! Je voulais justement t’écrire pour que tu me reparle de cette subdivision du temps. J’ai bien envi de l’essayer dans ma nouvelle vie à Montréal!
    C’est bien une répartition du temps égal, soit 6h par temps de la journée?

    Yves Provencher

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