was born and raised in France, but after having graduated as a socio-cultural animator she decided to cross the Atlantic. It was in 2011 that she found herself in Quebec City. After working for 3 years at L’Accorderie de Québec while being invested in the community of the city, she began her career as a musician while remaining invested in alternative projects in the region.


She has taken piano lessons since she was very young, but it was while looking for an instrument to make animations with handicapped people or children that she started to accordion in 2014. It’s now in the trip with a desire to make musical discoveries and animations that the Snail has within it a whole panoply of instruments.



was born in France but crossed the Atlantic with his parents when he was 11 years old. Returned to France for the university in philosophy, he lost himself and found himself in South America for 2 years. Back in Quebec, he will go through several jobs where he did not find himself. Member of the Quebec Accorderie he will also end up working there for 2 years.


It is at this time that he will begin to take an interest in local currencies and will be one of the initiators of the project in Quebec City. At this time he is also involved in the comittee of Degrowth and Transition at the  Friends of the Earth at Quebec.  In the meantime he was a member of the collaborative workshop La Patente, the place where they do the Van. It is during these encounters and implications that the desire to make these movements emerge will be born.


and don’t forget

Hope (pink) and Horizon (blue) the puppets of the project.