Travel is to learn, to manage and to share. By living differently we discover the possibilities. We pass near you? Our adventure and our project interests you? Contact us!

Conferences – Discussions

monnaie locale complementaire quebec transitionTransition The project we have been doing for more than a year now aims to share the knowledge and experiences that we have acquired through the time. We were already organizing screenings-discussions evenings in Quebec, we would like do the same now on the road in the communities where we pass. It is also relying on the experience we have gained through our involvement in citizen projects in Quebec City; creation of a local currency, member of a makerspace, community gardens, time bank, etc.

Speeches spaces are often what is lacking in citizen action, it is good to have reserved moments to imagine the impossible. Knowing what is done elsewhere helps fuel discussions. We animate and bring what we have seen, imagining together what could be done at home. It is sometimes good to have an outside input to facilitate a meeting, a brainstorming or just to project new projects.


Travel Leaving and left everything behind to discover elsewhere is what we did on March 12, 2017, since, we live in a van, the van-life as they say. We crossed Canada from East to West and then we went down to Mexico along the coast. Make this trip in a small space for two, it is sometimes necessary to hang on!

Sleeping on a mountain peak during a storm, doing the dishes on the parking lot or just enjoying a meal in front of the beauty of the landscape, these are things we did not think about before leaving. Do you want to talk about long-term travel, about life in a small space? We will talk about the things we learned on the road, the preparations we have to make and the good plans we have found.

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Services trades

Being on the road necessarily means not having as much stuff as when you are at home. All of your belongings must fit inside your vehicle. So you have to make choices so you do not drive in 10 wheels!

Looking for transition also means looking for autonomy for ourselves, we also like doing what we eat and use. However, being on the road prevents us from doing certain things.

bagels prêt pour le four!

Cuisine We thought, however, that in keeping with our approach and our trip, it would be interesting to propose to exchange services. We are looking for places on our path where we could cook. In exchange,  we teach you what we do and share with too! Who wouldn’t want freshly baked bread or bagels at home? ;)

uc gill tract farm berkeley transitionGarden The most difficult thing when travelling is to know the new places where we go. Difficult to know the small bio-local store that sells his products from the farm! But if you have a garden and want help, we love getting our hands in the ground! We can help you in your garden 1 or more days in exchange for good vegetables. 🙂


quelab makerspace albuquerqueWe can help We had the chance to do several trades before and during the trip, but above all, to know new people and to be able to help is an important thing for us. If you need a hand and we are not far, contact us we can help you for a day or more. Always be looking for a place to sleep, doing it is also an opportunity for us  to stop doing kilometres, breathe, enjoy the moment by going slower and making beautiful meetings!