Les transitions

The term transition became popular with the transition cities movement launched in 2006 in England. This citizen movement aims to reduce the energy consumption of cities. An ecological goal primarly, but doing it, we also see it as democratic implementation in the daily life, citezen are a part of the decisions; Enable people to come together and make local and collective decisions to change their environment for social and environmental purposes.

Militants and close to the degrowth mouvement in the past years, the transition movement appears to us as a continuity of it. The movement of degrowth is anchored in a criticism that seems fair to us just of the society, but It tuch less people for the mesage it carry. It will often affect only the most militants. The idea of transition as for it, a positive and engaging aspect of the population that allows citizens to invest in their community.

Audrey spent 3 years at L’Accorderie de Québec while being involved in the community of the city. Even after that, she stayed close to the initiatives that were going in that direction.

Laurent worked 2 years at L’Accorderie and was one of the initiators of the local currency in Quebec City, as well as an activist on the Committee of Decay and Transition Friends of the Earth of Quebec.

It is with this past and this experience that we wish to discover what is being done and what can be done here, in the city and province of Quebec. It will therefore be a goal of travel, to share and allow to give birth to new initiatives. There is already a multitude of things, but the problem is always information, we are not aware of what is happening, so we will go in the first sense of a need common to all, discover and share.