Horizon Transition is a project we want open to all, but it is also a project that needs you to improve and diversify. Doing a project like this requires time and technical resources that we do not always have. Graphics, writing and video editing are now our everyday tools.

We chose to do this project because it seems necessary to share the ideas and initiatives of each  others to do its own. This is the best way we can collectively build a more resilient and democratic world.

Visit the different transition projects can not be done only by us, there are fortunately too much everywhere! Would you like to collaborate on Horizon Transition by writing about initiatives or the theme of transition? Contact us so we can talk together!

Writing takes time, translating even more, it is not always easy to maintain a bilingual site. Do you have knowledge of English? You can help us translate site articles, video subtitles or proofreading! Do you have knowledge of another language? Our articles on the initiatives encountered would like to be known elsewhere!

We are in an era of visual communication, although we learn on the road, we are not experts. For the site or the various ideas we have we are often limited by our graphic knowledge, or just the time it requires versus writing. If you have knowledge of graphics design, video editing and want to communicate the ideas of the transition contact us!

The design of the website is something that we would like more personalized, there are ideas that we would like to see, but that we can not do because we simply lack adequate computer knowledge. If making a visual freshness interest you, welcome in! We believe strongly in the free culture and we try to share this vision with the groups where we go, if you know free software that could help the community organization let us share!

To discover all these projects requires time, then it must be said, that it is not for nothing that we call our house l’Escargot, we are not going very fast. However that requires money, sometimes there is the house that makes us his or the project expenses. And in fact it’s a lifestyle choice, we spend all our time in this project to think and try to imagine other ways to do. If you wish to support us financially, we can only thank you humbly.

The Horizon Transition project was not possible without the support and help of our community.

From the purchase of the truck, which was quickly baptized, the Escargot (snail), we had help for its development but also during mechanical repairs. The makerspace La Patente in Quebec City, allowed us to do all the necessary work by allowing us to park the Escargot on his land the time allotted for the development. Members of La Patente gave us their time to help us:

The electricity could not be done without the good advice and the invaluable help of Jean-Philippe Dionne; Patric Noya advised us with his expertise and ingenuity in the design of furniture; undeniably, Mario, helped us and generously advised, he even helped us to equip ourselves from the start when we had to clean the rust discovered by removing the floor of the truck.

And thank you to Ginette, Gilbert, Nicolas … for their presence and to all those members of La Patente who will recognize in this work that took us a few months before our departure.

The sewing aspect took an important part in the last month of development, new for Audrey who learned quickly to use the sewing machine, the serger to perform various jobs. Without the good advice and valuable help of Marie-Claude Quirion and Rosalie Demers, it would not have been possible so quickly. Thanks also to Catherine Bourgault for the loan of her sewing machine but also to that of Anne-Sophie Pidancier because it happened a small glitch to the first.

A boost for the translation of the first texts was made by Joy Webster, Myriam Bressani, member of l’Accorderie de Quebec.

For the official start of the Horizon Transition project we made a sociofinancement.

Émilie Dubois, Émile Piché, Sébastien Duthil and Jean-Louis Broggini provided technical and visual support for the layout and syntax of the page. Irene Lumineau realized our beautiful logo.

The first step of our project: production of 10 documentary capsules was successfully funded last November thanks to:

Charles-Antoine Beaudet, Gabrielle Bélanger, Sarah Bernier, Josée Boutin, Marie-Christine Broggini, Patricia et Jean-Louis Broggini, Guillaume Bull, Pascal Cambier, Pierre-Alexandre Caron, Magalie Carter, Gaelle Chauvet, Nathalie Cenac, Isabelle Couture, Mathieu Couture, Annick Davignon, Geneviève Davignon, Rosalie Demers, Philippe Derudder, Mélanie Dia, Fanny Dionne, Jean-Philippe Dionne, Emilie Dubois, Chantal Duchesneau, Sébastien Duthil, Amélie Flohic, Julie Forgues, Claudia Gagné, Suzie Genest, Pascal Grenier, Roxanne Holmes, Claude Klopfenstein, Dominique et Pierre Laurent, Ginette Lauzon, Frederic Lebrasseur, Guylaine Lemieux, Marielle Lumineau, Pierre Magistry, Ailin Mao, Eric Massereau, Olivier Metais, Johanna Meyer-Galmes, Elsa Moulin, Simon Parent, Edwige Pairot de Fontenoy, Hélène Pélissier, Anais Pellerin, Jérôme Peyronnet, Anne-Sophie et Jérôme Pidancier, Eliane et Francois Poulnot, Delphine Piveteau, Madeleine Provencher, Yves Provencher, Marie-Claude Quirion, Karell Rheault, Audrey Roberge, Miguel Roy, Marie Salindre, Nicolas Saucier, Marine Series, Véronique Tessier, Louise Tremblay, Katy Veron, Marc-Emile Vigneault, Rachel Vincent, Alexandre Young-Vigneault