Le slow travel, do you know ? (part 1)

While we are on the road, with our Snail, slowly, to meet, to discover alternatives, we thimk on our way of traveling: we say we are slow, but can we say that we are in the movement of Slow Travel. From a certain point of view, yes, we travel at our own pace, we arrange ourselves to the maximum of being in the philosophy of the 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we promote walking times to discover places, landscapes and all what surrounds us. Then from another point of view, no, our Snail consumes a lot of gallons to the hundred, not ideal from the ecological point of view and I will say even economic. But that’s not the subject of this article, so, do you know “slow travel”?

“Slow travel” or literally slow travel is part of the “slow” movement of appreciating what we do, eat, or the way we travel in a less rapid and consumeristic way. This goes against mass tourism.
Slow travel is a way of responsible travel and learning to take your time. This is a great opportunity to facilitate new encounters and share unforgettable moments, but also to reduce its ecological footprint daily by taking for example less polluting transport.

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