When you go on a long trip like we’re getting ready to do, even though there are many important things to think about, the bed is one of the most important ones. If we think about our activities on any given day, it will be the piece of furniture we use the most.

We thought about several different setups. A lot of refurbished vans use the classic “bench” setup, with benches set up around a table during the day and folded down to make a bed at night. Or like with the Sprinter, they just have a bed in the back which faces the back doors and doesn’t move, but has storage space underneath.

horizon transition aménagement camionGiven the size we have, it seemed important to think of several scenarios. What did we want out of our van on rainy days? Should we give the priority to space or comfort? We need room to get by, but also room to work or do cooking inside. That was when we came across a structure called a “step bed.” It’s not a futon that folds down, but the principle is the same: a sofa that becomes a bed.

It’s rather a simple construction, and adapts well to what we wanted, but the difference was in the application of the idea. We modified it a little by making it into two sections, which allowed us to make it into either a sofa, an L-shaped sectional, or a bed.

Like the other structures, it was all made with recovered wood.

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