Once the different structures were done, we could better determine how we were going to organize the space. It was difficult to go by things that had already been done and shown on the internet, because what is out there is for bigger spaces, or refurbishing for short-term stays.

horizon transition aménagement camion
Le meuble “manger”

The structure for the bed was already made, and we also had two other structures made, but we had yet to see what exactly we would put inside those structures. We had planned out the setup thinking about the fact that we would be living inside this van, rain or shine. We therefore wanted as much free space inside as possible.

horizon transition aménagement camion
Le bureau qui servira à ranger nos affaires.

We therefore moved on to the next step of the project thinking about the necessity of staying inside and we needed to take advantage of the space available in the garage La Patente.

We therefore decided the next step would be installing the flooring. We covered the whole floor in 1∕2” Styrofoam with a vapour barrier and then a sheet of 3∕4” plywood. However, taking into account the different shapes of the floor, the pieces of plywood were not always attached properly. We decided to put down a vinyl flooring over the whole length of the van, holding the different pieces in place with glue.

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