First of all thank you, thank you to all the people who participated to make our project possible, whether it is by a support or a donation, we thank you and we will be grateful!

berkeley transition
First day and we were planting trees in the street 🙂

Horizon Transition is a project that we have been carrying in our minds for a few months and a few weeks in our body! Since now 4 days in Berkeley, place of our first integration in a group, we have descended over the last month the US coast with new encounters every day. Already a lot of information and always so many questions, Horizon feeds his curiosity to endlessly.

City of contrast, close to San Francisco from one bridge, we were warmly welcomed by the Berkeley Transition Group.

The campaign is moving forward, but it is not over yet, there is not much left and we need you. We make a crowfunding in order to be able to adquire material which seems to us necessary for the realization of the project.

The computer

It help us a lot, but now it is in lack of strengh

It represents half of the amount requested, it will allow us to be able to do better videos and graphic material for the project. The one we have has several years and has trouble keeping up. It is a MacBook pro, happy purchase when Laurent did it, it does not support the programmed obsolescence which forces the perpetual updates of the applications in order to be always compatible with the rest. For a long time now, we have not done them anymore, but some programs then decided to do some misery following this disobedience of actualization.

Anonymous computer, for a citizen work

That’s why we opted for a small west coast company that produces computers without an operating system and that allows us to have Linux installed on it. Linux is a system equivalent to Windows or OSX (mac), it allows to run the computer, its particularity is that it is open-source, ie free of rights and is built by the community. There is no commercial purpose behind, so no forced updating or download required to make it work. The applications we use daily are also open-source applications:

  •     Libre-Office: word processor, spreadsheet
  •     Inkscape: vector drawing, graphic design
  •     Gimp: Photo retouching (but our photographic talent means we do not need it yet -_ ^)
  •     Scribus (layout software)
  •     Aegisub (software for inserting subtitles)
  •     Xmind (mind map software)
  •     Firefox (internet browser)
  •     Thunderbird (to read e-mails)
  •     Open shot video (Video software that we can use once the new computer)
  •     Synfig Studio (animation software that we can use once the new computer)


External Hard Drive

In order to realize the project that we lead, we must be able to accumulate video and photo material. The problem is that a video is extremely heavy in size and can quickly saturate. The disk of our current computer is not enough, with the new computer it will allow us to have a few room, but the external disk will be a necessary additional resource as well as a backup of the work to realize in case. A simple example, a video of 15 minutes out of the camera is more than 4 gigas. After 3 weeks of life in a group where the opportunities for filming are plural, we imagine that we arrive at a few hours of videos.

The wooden box in the roof rack

escargot horizon transition
Solar panel, solar showers and hamock

Before leaving, we made a metal rack on the roof of the Snail so we could put two trunks in it and then we saw for the future. We are already a few months later and now in stage 2 of this development that we think is necessary to be in harmony with what we wish to achieve.

The layout of the roof will be to make a “box” of wood that will be internal to the rack (11 feet long, 5 feet wide and 10 inches high). This one will be separated in eight boxes which will be used for us to more properly store the material that we have, that is to say:

  • One section for extra clothes (blankets, coats, winter / summer clothes)
  • One section for outdoor material (hammocks, sleeping bag, tent, shoe)
  • One section for outdoor cooking (pans that go on fire, cleaning bins, canning tank, etc.)
  • One section for musical instruments (Audrey is always ready for musical entertainment!)

The innovations the financing will allow us :

A tools section animation : Horizon Transition is a project of popular education, with the knowledge accumulated on the road we wish to be able to share the knowledge that we will have accumulated, but also, why not, be agents of changement. Having this additional space will allow us to create visuals and have material that will serve us in our presentations.

We can do bagels!

A garden section: In order to be a little more autonomous, we will be able to grow herbs and wheatgrass.

A solar oven: Cooking is important and if you can avoid buying gas to cook, it’s better for the planet. After several searches, we decided to make a solar oven on the roof. The principle is simple, a well insulated box that recovers the sun’s rays and allows to reach temperatures of more than 150 degrees Celsius. We can then bake our bread and cook dishes that require longer cooking. We also want to isolate it enough to make it a Norwegian pot.

A solar dehydrator: Again, this is another step that seems important to us in the direction of the project. By moving nomadically, we are not always with the harvest seasons. We find ourselves one day in abundance and 2 days later without anything. So in order not to lose or to have for less good times, dehydrating its food is a simple and effective solution, it keeps all the nutrients and does not lose its food.

The garden, the oven and the dehydrator will be permanent tests that we will do in order to be able to share the result of our experiences so that everyone can have some. We see these constructions as essays to prove that it is possible and to make everyone want to do it. With our experience we can also help people who want to have some.

Horizon Transition 7 days from the end of his campaign, but at the very beginning of his adventure, if you want to help us, as you have already done, thank you for sharing the information 🙂

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