Horizon Transition grows and flourishes thanks to you !! An extended and wide THANK YOU for your support!

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First step is, the walk through the horizon can goes on

Horizon, our project mascot, is constantly looking for experiences, alternative projects, to introduce you. There are many friends on his way right now and he is happy to count you in his close associates.

None of this could have continued without your support, and we are proud to be able to continue with the upcoming production of small documentaries to discover initiatives that could change the global through the local. We have a lot to achieve and we take this project to heart, like a book we work on a daily basis.


A brief overview of the progress of this campaign:

When we started the crowdfunding campaign, we were in Canada, on Vancouver Island. We had taken refuge in the library of Port Alberni for three good days to work and finalize the campaign with the advice of our accompaniment website Ulule. It has been an important work in defining the project that is now Horizon Transition. Then we had a good day hiking and being inspired by the tall Douglas Trees in McMillan Provincial Park. Privileged time in nature, breathing fresh air and savoring the few rays of the sun still full of heat.

The official launch of the campaign took place on the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We had a lot of positive feedback, encouragement and first contributors from the first days. Your comments, remarks have allowed us to improve our texts and correct spelling errors and syntax.

Since then, the Snail has come a long way, he has met the Transition Duncan group, the Salt Spring dollars on the Salt Spring Island, the local 20/20 in Port Townsend in the state of Washington, the City repair in Portland Oregon, Transition Humbolt, WELLS to Willits in Northern California, and lately we were with Transition Berkeley for 15 days. This last group was very sensitive to our project and was very generous and present when we were there. Our visit to Berkeley was significant, we were able to take the time to visit several alternatives in the city of Berkeley and its surroundings. The project makes complete sense and we wish to respond to this collective need to discuss our practices.

It will be the result of meetings, common reflections and a collective desire to share and share for the common good of our land.

Success of the campaign, after 45 days, last Wednesday, on the eve of the Thanksgiving in the United States! A nice coincidence when we think about the family value of this day! As if a first loop was closing, a successful first step in the realization of the project Horizon Transition.

In addition, we end the campaign with triplets of numbers, 111%, 3330 $! Is not it wonderful? Would you say a bit mystical? To listen to Audrey, there is a part of it, like a beautiful gift of life. Will the trinity inspire our project?

And what next?

The snail has now a bike rack!After a few days in nature during this last Thanksgiving weekend, fleeing black friday, we took full advantage of the sweetness of California. We traveled along the west coast by Highway 1 while stopping in national parks. Completely fabulous and impressive!

Now in Pasadena in Los Angeles County, we are greeted by the local transition group. We will certainly have a lot to share with you. The book continues, ideas abound, fields of exploration expand and we wish to give the best of ourselves and transmit our thoughts and our experiences. Through all these different meetings that we have to document, we constantly improve our questions and our interviews, we refine our exchanges by remembering the objectives of Horizon Transition.

Long and enriching writings that continue with summer temperatures and a similar luminosity in Canada, Quebec, France … What nourish our next long winter nights in California!

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