On March 12, 2017, the Snail and its passengers set off for Western Canada to work in the summer. Then in the winter of 2018, it was on the way to the US West Coast that we descended to finish in Mexico and go back in the spring by New Mexico and Utah. In the summer of 2018, we were each on one side of Canada, and finally down the east coast to Florida.

Except that, the Snail has recently had trouble with its transmission and its brakes! Who has already had to do this kind of operation to his car, knows that the bill is spicy! We chose to repair the Snail, but with the conscious choice that we could not finish the winter in southern Mexico as planned. We wanted to meet the local currency of the area, the Tumin, see the byci-maquinas and know how to make it, so it will be for later.

We decided to go back to Quebec for Christmas to redo finances, repairs, but also to see family, friends and … the various projects in Quebec! For the Horizon Transition project, we focused on Transition groups. We want to open ourselves to any collective project, the idea is to share knowledge and practices, but also to question what would be a real transition. How citizen groups can survive over time, how to make the implication does not run out of steam. Many groups of the transition movement have been created since 2008, but much has also dissolved, it is a reality that we have faced, but that any collective project meets. The idea of ​​organization, inclusion and implementation is just as important as the projects for which they exist. Set up a tool library or collective garden if the project can not survive the enthusiasm of a few people is a lot of energy spent in vain.

We want to continue the Horizon Transition project with this idea and this questioning in mind. Try to understand how not to fall into a green transition with a capitalist taste that will not change the game. Chat, create, organize and network people.

That’s why we are optimistic about this premature return to Quebec, because it offers us new perspectives that a life too nomadic can not allow at the beginning of a project. Give ourself the chance to reinvest in a community for a while, while moving a little around. Visit the different projects of local currencies for example. We realized that Quebec is perhaps the most lively corner of North America for these issues right now. How to share the knowledge of collaborative workshops or the 0 waste lifestyle?

Travelling can have many faces, we’ll see a new side.

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